Celebrating Great Work

Mahalo means "thank you" and thanking people is our business. We make it super easy to thank and reward the people you work with because we know a little recognition goes a long way.

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 happy employees recognizing good work

How we work...

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We plug right into the tools you already use to message your teammates.
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Give out Mahalos

Recognize all the good work happening around you by giving out Mahalos in your messages to co-workers.

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Enjoy the happy vibes

Earned mahalos are redeemable for prizes and a culture of appreciation is born.

Recognize Your Co-Workers

Show your appreciation by including Mahalos in messages to your coworkers. Add a hashtag to highlight a particular company value or goal.

Employees recognizing each other’s good work in Slack messages
Happy employee being recognized for their good work in a slack message

Celebrate With Rewards

Redeem Mahalos you’ve earned in the company store whenever you’d like. From gift cards to raffle tickets to company perks, you’re sure to find something you like.

Who will you say Mahalo to today?

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