Add Reward

The name of your reward
Is this item a raffle ticket or an item for direct purchase? Learn more
Is this item an automatically fulfilled gift certificate or a custom reward? Learn more
The price of your reward. This is the price of the reward in mahalos, not the value of the reward/gift card.
Optional. The actual dollar value of the reward. Helpful for tracking costs and expenses involved in running your rewards program.
How much money will be on the gift card?
Optional. The date you want the reward to appear in the store. Leave blank for immediate.
Optional. The date you want the reward to be removed from the store. Leave blank for never.
Optional. The number of items you have available for purchase. Leave blank for unlimited.
The number of winning tickets that will be drawn for the raffle
Whether a user can only win the raffle once. If clicked, a user won't be able to win multiple times even if they buy multiple tickets.
Reward description
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