Organization Settings

Review and change settings that apply to your organization and its integrations.

The name of your organization
Please provide a name for the currency of your organization.
This is the name of the currency that users give one another as gifts. For example, "credits" or "points".
Max gift size must be a number greater than zero.
This is the maximum size of a single gift. Leave blank for no max.
Please provide a positive number for the monthly deposit amount
This is the amount of currency every user gets to give on a monthly basis. Currency that is not given by the end of the month is lost. Refreshes on the first of every month.
Please select a timezone.
The organization timezone sets the clock for calcuating leaderboards, depositing user's allowance, and expiring rewards.

Activate Slack

To add Slack integration for your Mahalo account, click the button below.

Add to Slack

Settings related to your Slack integration.

Only allow users who are a member of this channel to participate in the program. If no channel is selected, all members in the Slack account will participate. Only channels that the MahaloHR bot is a member of will appear in the dropdown.
The channel where activity about gifts and purchases is posted for all to see. Only channels that the MahaloHR bot is a member of will appear in the dropdown.
Whether to post a notification of every gifts that is sent to the Slack channel selected above.
Whether to post a notification of every purchase to the Slack channel selected above.
The name of the emoji that can be used to trigger a gift to a user. Where do I find my emoji name?
The amount of mahalos/points that are gifted when the emoji is given.
Add to Slack
If you uninstalled the app from Slack and need to reinstall it, click the button above

SAML 2.0

Configure SAML 2.0 authentication on your account to allow logging in using your organization's official identity provider.

Enter this URL with your identity provider when configuring the MahaloHR connection.
If required, use this regex to validate the ACS URL
Enter the SAML Endpoint for your Identity Provider. MahaloHR redirects here to trigger an authentication.
Check here to only allow using your identity provider to sign in. This will disable signing in via Slack, Google, and password for non admin accounts.
Enter the X.509 certificate provided by your identity provider.