Monthly Recognition Allowance

Every month users get an allowance to give out to their co-workers to thank them for good work. We call these Mahalos, but you can name them whatever you want. Any allowance you don’t give out will expire at the end of the month, further encouraging timely recognition.

employees recognizing each other in slack messages by giving out Mahalos for good work.
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Seamless User Experience

Recognize good work by including Mahalos in messages to your co-workers in Slack, Gmail, Jira, or any of our other integrations. No need to jump onto another platform to say thanks.

Company Values Promotion

Make recognition have even more of an impact by attaching company values with a hashtag or emoji.

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gift cards and raffle ticket illustration

Exciting Rewards

Earned Mahalos can be redeemed in the company store for rewards. Rewards are completely customizable and can work within any budget - from gift cards to our client favorite raffle ticket entries – whatever helps you to celebrate the way you want.

Insights That Matter

See who's doing what, when with our reporting suite. Monitor who is being recognized the most and promoting company values. Smile as you see how often Mahalos are being given out daily.

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Saying thank you has never been easier or more fun thanks to MahaloHR’s integrations with Slack and Gmail. Recognize your teammates without having to leave your workflow. Learn more about our integrations here.

Who will you say Mahalo to today?

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